How many kids can use the bounce house at one time?

The number of people allowed will vary by the size of the unit and the kids' age/size/activity level (older, hyperactive kids v. younger, gentle toddlers). Also take in consideration how quickly kids move through the inflatable. The manufacturer's guidelines are for your safety, but always use common sense.

Is the bounce house repairable?

Yes, each unit comes with a repair kit and instructions to patch any minor punctures or rips.

How to choose the inflatable bounce house

1. Pick the right kind.Bounce houses are not just places to bounce around! There are dry and wet slides, obstacle courses, multiple storeys, and more kinds that are available. Choose one that’s a right match for your party theme.While a more complicated setup is naturally more expensive, it provides a much better entertainment option especially for the older kids in your party.2. Pick the right size.Because it is inflatable, overloading the bounce house could cause serious injuries. Consider the weight limit for the bounce house. Make sure to ask the supplier how many children the house can safely hold. You may also want to rent multiple bounce houses for larger groups, to prevent overcrowding.3. Pick the right company.The right business to provide your bounce house rental should have a wide variety of inflatables to choose from. The company should be licensed, insured, and have great customer service. It should also take good care of its bounce houses, using non-toxic materials and keeping them clean at all times.It’s important to ask about their safety measures for inflatables. Get a written contract from your rental company to make sure you are covered in case the unexpected happens.Ask around for recommendations from family and friends. A great bounce house rental provider will have many satisfied customers.When planned properly, having an inflatable or bounce house is the perfect investment for an unforgettable children’s party. 

How do you control the product quality?

1)first step,we have IQC to check the raw material.2)Second, our QC team will check every step in the production. 3)Third, our product are 100% air test for yoru ref.4)Fourth, each batch product will be issued the quality inspection report from factory. 

What is your production proces?